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[Twitch] Cheer pop-up in chat

Posted By: Bestpeff

[Twitch] Cheer pop-up in chat - 09/08/16 10:20 PM

Hello, is there any script of any sort to show when a user cheers to a streamer with the message and how much they cheered? I heard this going around and haven't come across any working scripts. Thank you (:
Posted By: Fonic_Artes

Re: [Twitch] Cheer pop-up in chat - 11/08/16 01:18 AM

It just appears as a regular message, it may be highlighted in purple (unsure on that), but you'll normally see messages like cheer100 or so with those messages.
Posted By: Bestpeff

Re: [Twitch] Cheer pop-up in chat - 11/08/16 02:31 AM

Sooo....since it's just a regular Twitch in-chat message, there's no definite script that'll pop up from mIRC?
Posted By: Tulga

Re: [Twitch] Cheer pop-up in chat - 02/09/16 10:18 AM

can you be more specific?
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