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Posted By: TUSK3N [Twitch] Getting Full Nicklist / Chatters - 10/06/16 12:09 AM
I have alot of scripts that checks after Usernames that is in the chat but alot of the times twitch doesnt really work that well with join/part. So the nicklist is never complete and yes I have typed in raw membership or w/e it is.

So what I would like to do is to get chatters from the Twitch API instead of the one mircs using here is the link to chatters,


That gives you all the users in the chat, is this something that can be implemented in a script?

something like

if ($2 !ison $chan) { halt }
else {

That it will check on the website instead of mircs.

Hope you guys understand thanks for reading!
Posted By: Sakana Re: [Twitch] Getting Full Nicklist / Chatters - 10/06/16 01:40 AM
If you have the JSON script for mIRC, this code will print out all users. Just need to type in the name of the stream (lowercase letters)

//jsonopen -ud viewers http://tmi.twitch.tv/group/user/streamname/chatters | var %i = 0 | var %user = $json(viewers,chatters,viewers,%i) | set %list | while (%user) { set %list %list %user | inc %i | var %user = $json(viewers,chatters,viewers,%i) } | echo -a %list
Posted By: TUSK3N Re: [Twitch] Getting Full Nicklist / Chatters - 10/06/16 12:58 PM
Thats cool but how do I get all those names in the nicklist? I want it to be able to detect users that is in the list.
I don't know about writing it to the nicklist specifically.

I believe if you had to, you could make it poll every 3-5 minutes for a list of chatters and write them all to a txt file.

Then to check it, poll the txt file that's updated at that time.
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