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Posted By: Bestpeff (Twitch) !substoday and !lastsubs - 25/05/16 06:12 AM
Commands like !substoday to check how many subs a person has gotten in a whole day and obviously reset, then next day it starts again possible to make? And a !lastsubs to show the last 15 subscribers of the channel (and have the list display the right capitalization of the users with $msgtags(display-name).key)? Are these commands possible? Help would be much appreciated
Posted By: Bestpeff Re: (Twitch) !substoday and !lastsubs - 25/05/16 12:00 PM
And I have my bot connect to more then one partnered streamer so I don't know how it works out for each of them to work
Posted By: Sakana Re: (Twitch) !substoday and !lastsubs - 26/05/16 03:58 AM
I'm pretty sure Westor has posted something like that before
It's probably somewhere in here http://hawkee.com/profile/58226/
Posted By: Bestpeff Re: (Twitch) !substoday and !lastsubs - 26/05/16 12:04 PM
I do not see any unfortunately smirk
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