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(Twitch) Twitter and Youtube scripts

Posted By: Bestpeff

(Twitch) Twitter and Youtube scripts - 24/05/16 12:10 AM

I need help with a script I've been trying to work on, I have my bot connected to multiple Twitch streams so this command will have to have different Twitter @s and Youtube channel (ID?) But I want to be able to pull up the last tweet of their Twitter profile and provide the link to the tweet (Maybe even show how many RTs and Favs in the same command) under a !lasttweet command, and the same command for YouTube for !lastvid and it shows the last Youtube video's title, a link to the video, and how many views and likes it has. Is this a possible thing through Twitter apis and using YouTube channel IDs like Nightbot has? Help on this script would be very much greatly apprecied
Posted By: Sakana

Re: (Twitch) Twitter and Youtube scripts - 26/05/16 04:14 AM

Use sockets to read the HTML of the page, and then use $regex to extract the things you need.

Good guide on sockets here: http://en.wikichip.org/wiki/mirc/sockets
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