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(Twitch) Command to add gamertags to com

Posted By: Bestpeff

(Twitch) Command to add gamertags to com - 29/04/16 05:54 PM

So I have my bot in multiple partnered streamer's chats under my main twitch account. I was wondering if there was a script for a TWITCH SUBSCRIBER to add their gamertag to a command called !list . So whenever they wanna play and gotta wait in line for the rotation for their turn, they can add themselves by type !addme (gamertag) or if they need removed they can type !removeme (gamertag) and have it so the Moderators (OPs) can manage the list. This is only twitch subscribers only. Is this possible??
Posted By: Sakana

Re: (Twitch) Command to add gamertags to com - 30/04/16 03:42 AM

Sure, you just need to read and write data from/to an .ini file

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