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Deop on Kick

Posted By: Techchef

Deop on Kick - 25/01/16 11:45 PM

Sorry for keep coming back...
I have found scripts LIKE what I want-but not what I want
I want a script that will do two things..
When ever ANYONE kicks someone-it de-ops them, and when ever anyone Bans someone-it de-ops them...I found ones that would do the opposite (kicks on de-op)...
Posted By: Y4kuzi

Re: Deop on Kick - 28/01/16 02:58 PM

If I understand you correct, this is what you want:
on 1:kick:#channel:if ($me isop #) mode # -o $nick

Same goes for BAN event.
Posted By: Techchef

Re: Deop on Kick - 29/01/16 08:07 PM

You are a genius! that is exactly what i needed
Posted By: Techchef

Re: Deop on Kick - 01/02/16 03:37 AM

Is it also possible to add a specific user to this?
Like say-if they ban or kick a user by the name of techchef only?
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