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Combining text?

Posted By: Anonymous

Combining text? - 14/10/15 04:31 PM

Let's say I want to send a message to $chan

my script currently has this

msg $chan Map DL: https://asd/s/ $read(id.txt,t,1)

output : https://asd/s/ (Content of id.txt)

Needed output : https://asd/s/(Content of id.text)

How do I combine strings and remove that space?

Posted By: Nillen

Re: Combining text? - 14/10/15 05:07 PM

$+(Test,ing) = Testing
Test $+ ing = Testing

This also works with dynamic values such as variables and $read
var %value1 Test
var %value2 ing
echo -a $+(%value1,%value2)
;results Testing
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Combining text? - 14/10/15 09:24 PM

Thanks, worked.
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