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[Twitch] User Levels with Scripts

Posted By: Fonic_Artes

[Twitch] User Levels with Scripts - 11/07/15 10:43 AM

I'm not asking for a script to be wrote, but I was wondering how possible it is that when I write out a commands script. (add/remove/edit commands) is it possible to assign user levels to said commands.

Say a mod wants to add a command for social media or stuff of that like and only for those commands to be called by mod level or higher, is it possible to make it write it like that?
Posted By: sparta

Re: [Twitch] User Levels with Scripts - 11/07/15 12:59 PM

You can use user levels, /help levels and /help $ulevel

if ($ulevel(level) == level) { do stuff }
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