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Number choice

Posted By: michaelukz

Number choice - 26/02/15 08:23 PM

Hey, so for a little code I am working on, I need it so choose a number from 1-6 and set it to some sort of val so I can do if statements, How would I get it to choose from 1-6, I did search through several pages, but it's very specific, so I am not really sure what I should type in search and get the wrong answer, Any help?
Posted By: Nillen

Re: Number choice - 26/02/15 08:30 PM

I assume you're looking for "$rand(1,6)" /help $rand
Posted By: michaelukz

Re: Number choice - 26/02/15 08:36 PM

Thank you! I didn't know what to search for at all, big help!
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