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Auto-maximize dialog

Posted By: EUDIS1980

Auto-maximize dialog - 09/02/15 12:54 PM

Hi all, i'm very old in mirc scripting (and age lol), yet no matter how i looked this through i cannot find a way to make a dialog maximize...

I use mdx.dll to attach minimize/maximize buttons on the dialog as mirc does not offer that option. Having done that, available mirc's commands are /dialog -e to restore and /dialog -i to minimize - but no command to maximize it...
Posted By: westor

Re: Auto-maximize dialog - 09/02/15 01:22 PM

mIRC has not the ability to maximize an dialog so far, but if you want only to attach minimize and maximize (maximize not working) button on an dialog use -md parameteres.

I suggest you to use DCX.dll to do this job.

DCX.dll FAQ (outdated): http://www.tg007.net/dcx/dcx.htm
DCX.dll Download (latest): http://www.tg007.net/file-1496

- Thanks!
Posted By: EUDIS1980

Re: Auto-maximize dialog - 09/02/15 01:38 PM

Well, like i said i already created the min/max buttons. This is not a problem. I'm only looking for a way to maximize the window, obviously without having to click myself. I was thinking that maybe some dll or snippet would do that, so if anyone knows anything,...
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