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isin broken?

Posted By: judge2020

isin broken? - 24/01/15 11:38 PM

So i'm trying to use an IP scanner for an auto-voice script based off of IP's instead of nicknames, but I can't seem to get the isin identifier to find the ip in the text document. I simplified the code to the following alias
alias test {
    if ($2 !isin goodips.txt) { echo -a $1 $2 | return }
    echo -a checked $1 $2

If my text file looks like

then i try
/test test
it echos as "test" instead of "checked test"
i used this method before in >7.36, but now it seems to not work. Is there an alternative for this or an alternative for storing AND checking the ip's?
Posted By: Sakana

Re: isin broken? - 25/01/15 12:25 AM

You need to use $read. I'm pretty sure "goodips.txt" on its own will just be evaluated as a string smile
Posted By: judge2020

Re: isin broken? - 25/01/15 08:46 PM

thanks, works
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