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Tracking Script

Posted By: AllDayGrinding

Tracking Script - 26/05/14 10:07 AM

I was wondering if it is possible to write a Code that when someone subs on Twitch.tv to a channel it says in chat when they followed the channel, how many times they have chatted, I dunno If this is possible but.. any help would be great!
Posted By: Nillen

Re: Tracking Script - 26/05/14 11:56 AM

You just gotta log it all and message the channel on the event.
on *:text:*:#: write $nick $+ .log.txt $1- 

on *:text:*subscribe*:#: {
  if ($nick != twitchnotify ) halt
  msg # $1 has just subscribed. $1 has written $lines($1 $+ .log.txt) messages in this channel.
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