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Please help

Posted By: AllDayGrinding

Please help - 16/05/14 09:10 PM

This May be annoying but this will I hope be the last time posting on here, I have the points Script But Whenever someone Types !points It Says this -->> http://gyazo.com/514ae43e7cfb2f297d3fa115a80f1830

It only comes up with a number if a mod gives them some points (Which Is Pointless)

I know not many people care about Twitch Chat bots, but I cant find any Scripts on The Internet frown

if anyone could help I will be grateful!

One Last thing! I dunt know if I have posted anything about this but If someone of the channel, could they earn anymore points than non-subs Or mods earn more?

I have been a pain in the arse on the Forums but I am a noob

I HAVE read the Help files, cant find anything about this on there,


(Can Pm Me)
Posted By: persephone325

Re: Please help - 16/05/14 09:31 PM

I had this problem when I first tried out my !points command. Your Point.ini file should be located in the mIRC folder.


I manually created the Points file, and had to change the extension from .txt to .ini and drag it to where it needed to be. After that, it worked perfectly.

But if that's where the file is located already, then it might be a problem with the code. Though I doubt it. If that doesn't work, let us know.
Posted By: Bramzee

Re: Please help - 16/05/14 09:59 PM

Exactly what persephone said... I had to do the same thing for some reason. After you do that you should be set smile

Posted By: AllDayGrinding

Re: Please help - 17/05/14 07:32 AM

I think it is the Script - Had the Points.ini file - Deleted it - Re made it - Still Says Has Total points
Posted By: Bramzee

Re: Please help - 17/05/14 03:40 PM

Post the script. Also, after you do "!points on" you may have to refresh your page. The bot won't add points automatically because you haven't done the on "!*:join:#:{" portion of the process. So, try doing "!points on" in your channel and then refreshing. After that, if it's still not working come back and post the EXACT script for your points system in it's entirety and see if there's anything to be fixed.
Posted By: AllDayGrinding

Re: Please help - 17/05/14 06:31 PM

Never Mind - got it working laugh

One other thing - is there a way when someone types !points it says their points and how many hours they have been in the stream?
Posted By: Bramzee

Re: Please help - 17/05/14 06:39 PM

idk how to do the hours thing... but to check points I just use this (since !points is already taken)

on *:text:!pointcheck:#:{
  if ((%floodpointcheck) || ($($+(%,floodpointcheck.,$nick),2))) { return }
  set -u10 %floodpointcheck On
  set -u30 %floodpointcheck. $+ $nick On
  msg # $nick you have $readini(Points.ini,$+(#propertv,.,$nick),Points) total points.

on *:text:!pointcheck *:#:{
  if ((%floodcheck) || ($($+(%,floodcheck.,$2),2))) { return }
  set -u1 %floodcheck On
  set -u5 %floodcheck. $+ $nick On 
  msg # $2 has $readini(Points.ini,$+(#,.,$2),Points) total points. 

The first one is to look up your own points. The "!pointcheck*" is used to look up another users points. It's not necessary but it's fun to check in on certain viewers sometimes. Just do !pointcheck USERNAME and it'll pop up with USERNAME has -- points.
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