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Bot - Multiple Chats/Channels

Posted By: AllDayGrinding

Bot - Multiple Chats/Channels - 15/05/14 05:09 PM

I am really confused... So My Code is this -->> http://pastebin.com/4YfqHzSu

And I would like to have the bot in more that one channel with different Commands and stuff, and a new list of points and stuff like that, Say, I would like the bot in my Twitch channel and my friends Twitch.tv channel, Does anyone know what I need to do to do this and OR a command to Type In the bots channel to join someone elses channel?

Thanks for reading, laugh Any help will be appreciated laugh (Ps. I am a Noob)
Posted By: Loki12583

Re: Bot - Multiple Chats/Channels - 15/05/14 06:09 PM

You already asked this and were given an answer. READ THE HELP FILES.

Posted By: AllDayGrinding

Re: Bot - Multiple Chats/Channels - 15/05/14 06:42 PM

Which Part does it say how to have a bot in more than one channel?
Posted By: Wims

Re: Bot - Multiple Chats/Channels - 15/05/14 07:13 PM

Pretty much everywhere..

To get your bot in a different channel you need to join that channel using the /join command (which might be handled by /server in an on start event, but that's still sending /join to the server at some points).

Joining a different channel is as simple as typing /join #channel.
The problem is that your script does not handle multiple channels. You could be adding more than one channel for the location of your events (like on *:text:*:#channle1,#channel2:{ ), it wouldn't work anyway, because the script does not care about the channel, it's not taken into account, you need to take it into account and create dynamic name instead of static name.
You can read more about creating dynamic name here but you should really look at Loki's second quote in his last post on that link he gave. It's exactly what you are looking for, your static section's name ("commands") for the INI file was changed to a dynamic name: $chan (or #, which is the same, but I recommend using $chan instead)
Posted By: Bramzee

Re: Bot - Multiple Chats/Channels - 15/05/14 07:35 PM

Messaged you Grinding. Hopefully between the examples I gave you and the information/links these guys have shared you can get it figured out smile

Also, to join a different channel just go to where you did /join #yourchannel the first time and do it again. But replace #yourchannel with #theirchannel
Posted By: AllDayGrinding

Re: Bot - Multiple Chats/Channels - 15/05/14 08:22 PM

Thanks laugh I replied
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