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need help with some code

Posted By: raven124

need help with some code - 16/04/14 05:43 AM

for some reason my code refuses to work when i have the link protection and the points system together on the same client of mirc and if i take the link protection out it all works but if i add in the caps protection everything under it refuses to work in the same client. is there anyway i can have all of it in one client and have it all work with out it conflicting with something else in it?
heres my code http://pastebin.com/VfFMU5sL
Posted By: bl968

Re: need help with some code - 16/04/14 07:10 AM

I use separate mrc files for each module and that will eliminate a lot of the conflict. It also makes it easier to debug bot problems...

Basically you can't have multiple on text wildcards in the same script file you either have to merge them into one, or do as I suggested above and put each script in it's own mrc file.
Posted By: AllDayGrinding

Re: need help with some code - 16/04/14 09:13 AM

How do you make separate files?
Posted By: Nillen

Re: need help with some code - 16/04/14 10:19 AM

Alt + R, > File > New.

On topic, just like bl968 said, you have 2 instances of on *:text:*:#: - The * indicates that ALL text should trigger this event. Thus making all events come to the first of these instead of the second. The fix is to either make a new file (Which I didn't know I could back at the time) so I made them all into one big event instead.

But if you just make a new file and paste one of them in there, it'll work exactly the way you want it to.
Posted By: raven124

Re: need help with some code - 16/04/14 11:12 PM

so just to make sure i understand all this, one client of mirc can run ore than 1 file at a time and it will work correct?
Posted By: patrickplays

Re: need help with some code - 16/04/14 11:19 PM

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