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Random Identd . Help

Posted By: HamidReZaa

Random Identd . Help - 17/09/13 09:29 AM

Hello Friend
I have a problem just happened to me
I'm just a random identd I tried to help someone? In other words, I want you to everyone who entered a channel you identify the name of his address could have
For example, say the name of: Edward << NickName
Edwd@2.13.98. Fact
Edwd say that this is the name .... Plz help me
Posted By: Thrull

Re: Random Identd . Help - 17/09/13 10:39 AM

I'm going to assume that English is not your native language. I would like to help you but I am not able to understand what your question is. If you could try to explain it again or give an example of exactly what you want, someone here could probably help you.
Posted By: HamidReZaa

Re: Random Identd . Help - 17/09/13 11:19 AM

Yes exactly, I'm not fluent in English ...
You can see in the picture
After entering a User ID first channel
After entering a user name is automatically created
If the address is in my name amidez@2.13.14.d4tf
I want a script that I can run my tricks to myself about it added
If you still do not understand tell explain again
I need
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