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Posted By: MarkyO

Mouse over text - 20/06/13 04:25 AM

Any way to have mIRC recognize specific text to have a mouseover function?
Posted By: Loki12583

Re: Mouse over text - 20/06/13 05:07 AM

on hotlink, a change was made is 7.23 that never made it into the help file as far as I can tell

Improved hotlink support and changed HOTLINK event to only require
one event definition to work.

on <level>:HOTLINK:<matchtext>:<*#?=!@>:<commands>

$hotlink(item) where item can be: event, line, word, char, match

Properties: pos, type

The pos property used with line, word, char and match returns the
position of the item
The type property used with match returns the type of match

/hotlink -md [@menu]

The -m switch displays the popup @menu in the rclick event
The -d switch is used with the -m switch and includes the default
popup menu for a match type

/return enables hotlink over the current word
/halt disables hotlink and allows default processing
Posted By: MarkyO

Re: Mouse over text - 23/06/13 02:10 AM

Is there any way to alter text in a channel window?

Similar to rline for @windows ?
Posted By: sparta

Re: Mouse over text - 23/06/13 08:02 AM

What i know you need to use echo, and halt the default text.
on ^*:text:*:#: {
 echo -mt $chan $+(<,$nick,>) $1-
Posted By: MarkyO

Re: Mouse over text - 23/06/13 11:05 PM

Yah but after that.

Like a /rline version for a channel.
Posted By: Wims

Re: Mouse over text - 24/06/13 12:01 AM

There is no such command, you cannot alter a line after it's been displayed in a channel.
Now, it is possible to clear the buffer of the channel and reload the line you want, so you can display back say from line 1 to the line you want to be edited, then display the edited line and the rest of the buffer, the problem is that with big buffer, this is too slow.
Posted By: MarkyO

Re: Mouse over text - 24/06/13 01:32 AM

Thought so. Oh well.
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