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Posted By: Garrett93 /cs unban script - 26/03/13 06:21 AM

I have frequently found myself in a ban war with a friend of mine in a channel that we both have +O privileges. I am looking for a script that will perform the /cs unban #channel command followed by a /j #channel command when he does a +b on my address.

I have no clue how to do it. Anyone have one I can copy?

I would appreciate it if you could tell me how to implement a script also, as I haven't done it before.

Posted By: HorseC Re: /cs unban script - 26/03/13 06:45 AM
It may be a mute point, if the 'owner' 'founder' of the channel sees this kind of 'war' one of you (or both) may loose your ops status.. Suggest to your 'fellow op' that he should think about that.

With respect,
Posted By: Garrett93 Re: /cs unban script - 26/03/13 07:19 AM
Nah, it's no business channel or anything, the owners are our friends too.

It's all fun and games, but the script would be pretty cool laugh
Posted By: HorseC Re: /cs unban script - 27/03/13 05:31 AM
in that case..
look at the on ban and on kick sections of the mirc help file (/help) you could test if ($nick == $me) and take the appropriate actions. Its not hard to code...

Good luck.
Posted By: westor Re: /cs unban script - 27/03/13 05:37 PM
Try use this one maybe helps.

raw 474:*: {
  echo -a *** [WARNING]: You have been banned to the  $+ $2 $+  channel, Using OperServ to join.
  os mode $2 -bb+e $me $address($me,1) $me
  .timer[JOIN_ $+ $2 $+ ] 1 1 join $2
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