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Posted By: sparta Highlight custom window. - 14/02/13 10:12 AM
I made a custom window, and i using g1 when i create the window (Highlight with color for message, red in my case). But when i send a new line to the window it will not highlight it again, dont remeber that i needed to do anything else then aline a new line to the windows befor, do i miss somthing here?
Posted By: 5618 Re: Highlight custom window. - 14/02/13 10:33 AM
Are you sure it used to work with /aline, because as far as I know it only works for /echo -l
Posted By: sparta Re: Highlight custom window. - 14/02/13 10:43 AM
I dont remember, but trying to use aline instead of echo in all my @windows, so dont remember, but can i highlight the window in any other way then create a new one and aline all messages back again? Was a long time ago i used @windows so forgot the most things about them.

;----- Edit
alias example {
  if (!$window(@window)) { window -n2k0 @window 637 300 603 322 Verdana 11 }
  aline @window Just a example if somone else have the same problem
  window -g1 @window

Solved the highlight problem, just needed to add window -g1 @window, This will highlight it again when a new line is entered to it, now i just need to solve the "flash" part. smile
Posted By: hixxy Re: Highlight custom window. - 19/02/13 08:10 PM
You can use /aline -h to highlight each time something is added to the window smile
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