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Posted By: maezr

$window(#channel).logfile - 13/05/03 09:57 PM

Is there anything similar to this for a $nick?
Posted By: Collective

Re: $window(#channel).logfile - 13/05/03 09:58 PM

I already answered your question didn't I?

Posted By: maezr

Re: $window(#channel).logfile - 13/05/03 09:59 PM

Er, the board is acting oddly for me, sorry.
Posted By: Raccoon

Re: $window(#channel).logfile - 15/05/03 10:01 PM

Damn, Nimue is smart.. and her avatar is sexy. grin

Yes, use $mklogfn(anystring) for what you're asking.

- Raccoon
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