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halt on open $input

Posted By: RiMaJoy

halt on open $input - 12/12/12 07:07 PM

As posted before i have a query script that opens a $input on a request.
Everything is working great.
Another script i have is AKA Nick Tracker by FordLawnmower
This script informs me if the nick that joins a channel where i'm at is known by any other nicks.
Here is what's happening when both scripts are loaded:

When someone makes my a query request the $input opens showing me all the info i want.
Aslong as the $input is open ALL the AKA info is halted.
As soon as i click on "yes" or "no" on the $input All the AKA info shows up in the channels i'm on at once.

Looks like the $input halts everything untill closed.
Is this a normal thing for $input or is there a way around it?
If $input is active i also can't use mirc untill it is closed again.

Hope i get some help/info

Posted By: Riamus2

Re: halt on open $input - 12/12/12 11:41 PM

$input requires that you provide input to continue. If you don't want to halt anything, you should use a dialog instead of $input. Dialogs take a little more effort to set up, but offer a lot more functionality.
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