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Looking for Simple Script

Posted By: jri

Looking for Simple Script - 14/10/12 12:07 AM

I want to make a script where when if a certain person posts in a channel then i automatically type a certain phrase.

For example, whenever user "bob" types something into #channel123 then "jri" (me) automatically types "hello".
Posted By: Riamus2

Re: Looking for Simple Script - 14/10/12 01:13 AM

Type /help on text in mIRC. There are a variety of examples right there to do what you want. Just change the text to whatever you want.
Posted By: LisaMIRC

Re: Looking for Simple Script - 21/11/12 01:14 AM

You can use something like this;

on *:TEXT:*Hello*:#channel123: {
  /msg $chan Hello, $nick

So whenever someone write hello you response like,

Hello, and the nickname of the typer of Hello.
Whenever you respond on nick then you will response Hello whenever Bob types something.
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