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Posted By: Efferinie

Reply Script - 20/02/12 07:22 PM


I have maked a script but i cant come further.

I have this:

on *:TEXT:*:*: {
if ($nick == Bot1 || $nick == Bot2 || $nick == Bot3) && (<ingamename> == $3) {
if (!lastseen == $5) { msg #channel !lastseen $6-}
elseif (!getid == $5) { msg #drd !getid $6-}

I have this and it is working.
I send from Ingame to Irc !lastseen <username>
Then it says in Chnnel <username> was last seen on:

And then i dont know it.
How to make it that the line: <username> was last seen on:
Is getting in pm.

That when i do !lastseen <username> ingame that i get an pm.

!pm <ingamename> <username> was last seen on:

How to make that? can anyone help me with the last thing?

Posted By: Riamus2

Re: Reply Script - 20/02/12 10:50 PM

If you want it to send to a PM instead of channel, just change the msg lines to msg $nick instead of msg #channel or msg #drd.
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