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Requesting Small Script

Posted By: ZGoldsmith92

Requesting Small Script - 03/07/11 06:55 AM


First, I'd like to say, Sorry for going crazy on my last post. I understand now. That was a PHP script that was made to work with mIRC.

I just need help with a simple script (Or i think its simple) to allow my bot to join a channel when someone requests him.

Example : /msg BotName request #channel

I want a script that could do something like this :

on *:TEXT:#channel*:*:/j #channel requested 

Any help would be awesome.

Thanks in advanced.

PS. This would be written in mIRC.

Posted By: FroggieDaFrog

Re: Requesting Small Script - 03/07/11 03:40 PM

on *:TEXT:request #?*:?:join $2
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