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Manipulate Nick List

Posted By: Ash44455666

Manipulate Nick List - 14/06/11 08:18 PM


I am looking for some way to actively and programmatically alter names listed in the nick list window on the right side of a channel. Here is a screenshot of what I'm talking about, in case my wording is confusing:

Example: I want to change "@Ege" to instead display "@Egekalaycan". How do I accomplish this through mIRC Scripting in a way that let's me change it at any time?

Thanks for any and all assistance!
Posted By: Riamus2

Re: Manipulate Nick List - 14/06/11 11:19 PM

You would need a DLL to change the nick list other than just adding colors. There is no way in mIRC itself to alter nick names in the nick list.
Posted By: Ash44455666

Re: Manipulate Nick List - 15/06/11 12:07 AM

Really? Well, drat. Thank you for the information.
Posted By: DJ_Sol

Re: Manipulate Nick List - 15/06/11 03:45 AM

If you opened a socket to the server and had a local socket for mIRC you could make the nicks say whatever you like by sending an edited names reply to the local socket.
Posted By: Ash44455666

Re: Manipulate Nick List - 15/06/11 04:41 AM

Oh hey, that's a neat idea, but I wonder if it's a bit much for my purposes; what I'm working on is a "display name" script that allows you to change someone's name as you perceive it. Everything's been going great, but this has been my one major hurdle: the nick list itself.

It isn't a huge problem, really, but it may seem odd to users of the script if those names don't visibly change when you alter someone's display name. I don't personally mind, but someone else might.
Posted By: DJ_Sol

Re: Manipulate Nick List - 16/06/11 03:06 AM

You can use dcx or other nicklist dll's to create your own nicklist that is docked on top of mIRC's.
Posted By: Ash44455666

Re: Manipulate Nick List - 16/06/11 05:10 AM

Oh my, I didn't know there were some that already existed. Thanks a lot for that tip, I'll do some research into that.
Posted By: Thrull

Re: Manipulate Nick List - 16/06/11 10:09 AM

You could also do this with picwins if you really wanted to. Though, I'd suggest using a dll instead. No rel reason to reinvent the wheel.
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