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Posted By: mbab Calc script - 17/11/10 03:11 PM
Any of you guys/girls have a sweet and working calc script somewhere(preferably the one which doesnt reset idle time)?

Cant find the old one on hawkee i've been using before =(
Posted By: RusselB Re: Calc script - 18/11/10 02:48 AM
I've never seen a calc script that doesn't reset the idle time, as all of them have to send a message to the server to display the results of the requested calculation.

The simplest calc script I've seen is
on *:text:!calc*:#:{
  .msg $chan Calculation of $$2- is $calc($replace($$2-,x,*))

Posted By: mbab Re: Calc script - 18/11/10 01:00 PM
Thanks =0P
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