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Posted By: slang on *:DNS: - 23/09/10 04:05 PM
Hello, I was wondering if its possible to make a /dns snippet that reply the result on the active window, not in the status window. I tried this:
on *:DNS: {
if (!$raddress) { .echo -a Unable to resolve DNS for: $naddress | halt }
else { .echo -a DNS For: $naddress | .echo -a IP Number: $iaddress | halt }

but the problem it, it still shows one line in the status window:
Dns resolving *IP*

Can i make that line show in the active window, or don't even show ?
Thank you for your time. smile
Posted By: Thels Re: on *:DNS: - 23/09/10 08:20 PM
Using /.dns seems to hide both the resolving and the resolved message. If you handle displaying the resolved message, you could use /.dns instead of /dns.

alias dns !.dns
should work if you do not want to adjust all your existing scripts.
Posted By: slang Re: on *:DNS: - 24/09/10 11:37 AM
It worked, thanks smile
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