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Posted By: Matt5150 perform.ini - 01/09/10 03:20 PM
Hi there!
You may notice some mistakes in my English, it's just because I'm from Italy.
However my problem is:
When I edit manually perform.ini, mirc doesn't read the changes... so I need to close and reopen mirc.
Hwo can I resolve it?
Posted By: 5618 Re: perform.ini - 01/09/10 03:36 PM
You can't.

Close mIRC and edit perform.ini or edit it from inside mIRC.
Posted By: Thels Re: perform.ini - 01/09/10 03:40 PM
You should change perform.ini using the mIRC interface (Alt-O, Connect, Options, Perform).

If for some reason you want to be able to edit the code from outside mIRC, it might be smarter to work with an on connect event, which basically does the same thing as the perform.ini, but mIRC detects changes made to the script.ini file. (Still, modifying files externally that are in use by mIRC is not a smart thing.)

on *:connect: {
  if $network == A {
  elseif $network == B {
  elseif $network == C {
  else {
Posted By: DJ_Sol Re: perform.ini - 02/09/10 12:43 AM
Just so you know, when mIRC starts it loads these files & all script files into its internal memory. You can edit them from the remote editor. Alt + R. Then click View to see the different options.

When mIRC closes it saves all the files it has loaded to its internal memory. So if you manually edit one of these files, not only will you not see it in an already running mirc, mirc will overwrite them when it closes.
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