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Posted By: boblogic

moo.mrc - 21/12/02 04:50 AM

how bout an addition onto the script
like Processes running
and it checks windows taskmenu under processes to see how many r running.
Posted By: arps

Re: moo.mrc - 21/12/02 05:06 AM

Ive seen almost everything that moo.dll can do done with just scripting, and more.
Posted By: boblogic

Re: moo.mrc - 21/12/02 07:18 AM

show me how i can add in mirc how many processes r running on pc plz.
Posted By: theRat

Re: moo.mrc - 21/12/02 11:44 AM


how about asking that from the maker of moodll, not us...
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