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Posted By: Corey_ HTTP SSL Leech Script - 24/10/09 10:18 PM

Just wondering if anybody has ever written a script to grab a file from an SSL-enabled HTTP server, and if they wouldn't mind sharing it? I've searched through this forum and some other places, but can't find anything.

Thank you!
Posted By: s00p Re: HTTP SSL Leech Script - 26/10/09 08:36 AM

This task isn't all that daunting, and unfortunately for you we're not obliged to "share" code, but to "help" scripters write it. For a start, take an in depth look at /help sockopen (and the rest of /help sockets). HTTP over SSL is not all that much more difficult than HTTP over TCP. In fact, the only difference that I'm aware of is that extra layer (the SSL), which is conveniently already written for you in mIRC, and the default port (443 instead of 80). If you encounter any other problems, give us a yell, but please do make sure you can ask an educated question that displays your objective and (more importantly in this case) a clear point of confusion. Your current question does not.

You're most welcome!
Posted By: Horstl Re: HTTP SSL Leech Script - 26/10/09 02:15 PM
http://forums.mirc.com/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Board=5&Number=209925 (have a shot at hixxy's)
Posted By: Corey_ Re: HTTP SSL Leech Script - 27/10/09 01:41 AM
Thanks Horstl, I'll look into that!

And thanks for the thread bump, s00p wink
Posted By: s00p Re: HTTP SSL Leech Script - 27/10/09 05:22 AM
You're welcome, ******************** [Krejt: needless remarks deleted]
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