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zline for txt lists

Posted By: xyzzy

zline for txt lists - 14/05/09 01:52 PM

[22:53:29] (s) Client- Connection from at (irc.server.com: Arka (script51@289.302.0.180))
that my snotices for connection i wanna make txts like this
nicks.txt idents.txt ips.txt
and add in them these
Arka script51 289.302.0.180
need a script to auto zline if anyone connect with same ident/nick/ip from my txt lists
Posted By: xyzzy

Re: zline for txt lists - 25/05/09 10:25 PM

anyone here pls ? smile
Posted By: SladeKraven

Re: zline for txt lists - 25/05/09 10:36 PM

/help ON Snotice
Posted By: Horstl

Re: zline for txt lists - 25/05/09 11:12 PM

It wouldn't be a big deal to write, but I think it would be a bad idea.
Why don't you set the respective lines forehanded? You can as well set the lines according to your list "now". The check will be done by the server instead of your client, and he will be faster :-)
If you don't want to do this because the list is excessively long, mIRC wouldn't be the best app for parsing the list anyway, in text format it's worse (slow), and with multiple text files even worse... many connects and long text files would make the client lag like hell. And the "speed" advantage of a (g)Zline is gone anyway if you check the usermasks remotely.
Posted By: xyzzy

Re: zline for txt lists - 25/05/09 11:18 PM

well i heard of hash tables better than txt files but dnt hv any ides the thing if i was able to make code for all fo this i would done it. i dnt see anything gonna help with only /help on snotices
anyway thnx for comments
Posted By: Horstl

Re: zline for txt lists - 25/05/09 11:34 PM

In the first place I'd reconsider reasons for/against setting permanent k-/g-/qlines/akills, according to your list. Usually it's the IRCDs/services' job to check connecting users' masks against server- or networkwide "blacklists". If specific checks exceed the capabilities of the server(s), you're in need of another "service" (be it prefab like the dronebl stuff, or a custom one - but you cannot compensate for it in a viable way with a script for single-threaded mIRC)
Posted By: xyzzy

Re: zline for txt lists - 26/05/09 12:41 AM

thats why i need mirc code coz IRCDs/services out of my control :P
i can only zline so i need a code for check the lists from connections
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