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Posted By: sparta Halt dangerous text? - 18/03/09 05:37 PM
I just got to think about how mIRC can receive dangerous codes, any way i can make a small alias or something that prevent it from run on all texts? or do i need to filter every event? query - DCC - Topic or Channel text ?
Posted By: Tomao Re: Halt dangerous text? - 18/03/09 05:49 PM
I thought mirc had the lock option to disable run?
Posted By: Horstl Re: Halt dangerous text? - 18/03/09 05:56 PM
Messages you receive can only be dagerous (technically) if executed or evaluated by your script - or it should be classified as exploit, to be fixed by Khaled.
Instead of attempts to halt or filter, why don't you prevent evaluation/execution wherever not desired?

Edit: oh, you don't mean received msg but inputs? or third party scripts?
Posted By: sparta Re: Halt dangerous text? - 18/03/09 08:03 PM
Both, some channels had a topic that infected you with "script.ini" i believe they named it, that means you receive the dangerous text, and yes, some fetures can be locked true mirc, but if a script needs it to be "unlocked", then it's wide open.
Posted By: Horstl Re: Halt dangerous text? - 18/03/09 10:06 PM
Well, how can a topic infect you with something? If vanilla mIRC is evaluating channel topics in some circumstances this should go to bug reports (and I doubt it does) - or the evaluation is done by a script, so that script has to be reconsidered and fixed - and I'm sure someone here will be able to assist if necessary and if you track down the relevant part(s).
Posted By: Rand Re: Halt dangerous text? - 18/03/09 10:52 PM
I'd like to see real proof of a topic infecting someone.
Posted By: sparta Re: Halt dangerous text? - 19/03/09 06:16 AM
It was saved to the log file (if you was logging), and from there triggered somehow, i don't remember how. but as i said before the infection was named script.ini and loaded in to mirc the next time you started it.
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