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DCC Protocol (Send)

Posted By: davbusu

DCC Protocol (Send) - 19/04/03 02:23 PM

hmm can u give me the exact prtocol of dcc?

the only thing i know
... when u get a file... you are sent a ctcp with the info and you connect to the specified ip and and you start downloading straight away

... during the transfer... is there any more data sent from the client ?

or it stays idle until the file transfer is complete and it sends a $crlf ?

Posted By: Nimue

Re: DCC Protocol (Send) - 19/04/03 02:52 PM

Posted By: gerdigos

Re: DCC Protocol (Send) - 19/04/03 06:32 PM

davbusu, here is what we find through Google:
These search engines are really helpful, use them for whatever you need! smile
Posted By: Online

Re: DCC Protocol (Send) - 19/04/03 06:54 PM

For DCC Send: /help dcc resume protocol
Posted By: davbusu

Re: DCC Protocol (Send) - 19/04/03 11:29 PM

tnx a lot gerdigos smile))

i've searched and so but i was looking for the raw commands
..and obv. i've been unsuccessfull.

i'm doing a script since mIRC doesn't connections to a proxy when receiving but it only connects through a proxy when sending.


my dear isp has decided to port limit nearly every port, accept port 80 and 21 (http and ftp).
without proxy... i download @ about 0.69 kb/s
.. with the script i made...
i get about 20 kb/s. .. (nobbad huh ? hehe)
...now the problem is when i'm resuming files... they're ending up corrupted + i don't know exacted from each angle the protocol. .. i think i'll do a fake dcc and debug the output since i can't find all the raw lines i need.

tnx a lot smile)
Posted By: gerdigos

Re: DCC Protocol (Send) - 20/04/03 07:17 PM

You should have said you need a raw commands' list earlier!

Here you are!
Seems like you're luckier than me... Here in Greece, even ISDN is expensive. I use a 56kbps PSTN which won't give me more than 6KB/s!
No problem. I am glad to help people! smile smile smile
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