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default settings?

Posted By: Swimminchik

default settings? - 04/11/08 09:20 PM

Im still new to this and after researching for the default settings for popups (under scripts) i couldn't find it.
i was hoping if someone by chance can provide me with the default popup code.
Posted By: sparta

Re: default settings? - 04/11/08 10:10 PM

It's no "default" one, the only way is

1: ask a friend to send you popups.ini
2: install mirc, then take the popups.ini from that one.
Posted By: starbucks_mafia

Re: default settings? - 05/11/08 12:10 AM

Do you mean you've deleted/cleared popups.ini? If not, you can just load it from the Script Editor again.

If you have lost that, you can type find copies of all of the file's mIRC uses by default in the defaults directory within mIRC's installation directory (ie. //run $+($nofile($mircexe),defaults) ). Just copy scripts\popups.ini from there to your regular settings location and load it from the Script Editor.
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