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Raw Numbers

Posted By: Lucifer

Raw Numbers - 19/12/02 09:21 PM

I would like to know the raw number in need to use for my auto identify script.
Posted By: Collective

Re: Raw Numbers - 19/12/02 09:33 PM

You don't need a raw number, you just need to put the identify command in the "Perform" section in in the Options dialog or in an on connect event.
Posted By: Lucifer

Re: Raw Numbers - 19/12/02 09:45 PM

but I need to use a raw for the options I am including in the auto identify script
Posted By: Collective

Re: Raw Numbers - 19/12/02 10:01 PM

Well there are alot of raw numbers..you can use 2 ways to find out what number it is

/debug @Debug
tells mIRC show all data sent to and from the server in @Debug, when the raw is sent, it will be in there.

raw *:*:{ echo -s $numeric $1- }
echoes all raws recieved to the status window, along with the data in them.
Posted By: watcher

Re: Raw Numbers - 19/12/02 10:09 PM

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