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problem with some raws

Posted By: Salemakos

problem with some raws - 13/09/08 07:52 PM

Hey! i have some probs..

raw 317 from whois. i have it like that years now..

raw 317:*:{
echo -a ```7 Idle:4 $duration($3) 7Online:4 $duration($calc($ctime - $4)) 7Signed At:4 $asctime($4,dddd dd/mm/yyyy HH:nn:ss) }

and so this from topic:

raw 333:*: { haltdef | echo $2 4```Set By7 $3 4on3 ( $+ $asctime($4,HH:nn:ss) 4& $+ 3 $date($asctime($4,d/mm/yyyy)) $+ ). (4 $duration($calc($ctime - $4)) ago.3) | halt }


the problem is this:
when I do whois I see this:

``` Idle: 4mins 42secs Online: -217208019secs Signed At: Saturday 13/09/2008 21:23:51

why its like -217........ ?

and when I enter a channel I see this:

```Topic is:
```Set By nick on (12:31:48 & 12/09/2008). ( -217091260secs ago.)

is this something wrong with $duration?

and in mirc help it says:

Note: This identifier can also take its own output and change it back into seconds.

what does it mean and what should I do?

Posted By: genius_at_work

Re: problem with some raws - 13/09/08 08:24 PM

Have you viewed the data returned in raw 317 $4 without doing any calculations? Most likely, the server is returning data different than you are expecting.

Posted By: Salemakos

Re: problem with some raws - 13/09/08 08:43 PM

317 SALEM 1686 1221333831 seconds idle, signon time

this is the raw...nothing changed...
Posted By: Salemakos

Re: problem with some raws - 13/09/08 09:28 PM

its just LOL!
someone had changed time and date in computer.. it was November 2001...
its all ok now..

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