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timer - join chan from list - alias - part chan

Posted By: AWEstun

timer - join chan from list - alias - part chan - 06/09/08 11:16 PM

How would I go about writing a simple code to be on a timer, where it runs an alias to join a channel from a list, executes another alias, then parts the channel, then waits a couple of mins and joins the next channel on the list, and so on.

timer1 0 300 timeralias

timeralias {
...channel list here pick the first channel from the list...
join channel
...execute called alias...
...wait 5 mins...
...exceute the timeralias agian to pick the next channel and so on...

What I'm trying to do is join a list of channels, 1 at a time, execute my who-alias, which executes my trace-alias, which traces each user on the current channel, wait 3-5 mins for all the traces to finish on the current channel and then move to the next channel on the list. Once the who-alias is executed, the script can immediately leave the current channel and just wait for the traces to finish, before it joins the next channel on the list.
Posted By: Strider

Re: timer - join chan from list - alias - part chan - 08/09/08 12:29 AM

You need to work with events here, and you won't be needing timers at all, unless the reason you want to use them is not specifically to avoid a flood disconnection.

I need to know what your "trace-alias" does, in order to know which event to wait for before "tracing" the following nickname. I just hope it doesn't involve some sort of port scan on the user. If it involves knowing which channels a user is on by running a WHOIS on each one of them, then you could even save running the WHO command, unless you need to fill your IAL right after joining.
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