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need a little help

Posted By: kupotek

need a little help - 16/04/03 11:49 PM

I was told its better to not have aliases/remotes that set variables onLoad or connect.. etc.. but to use hashtables and groups whats a easy way to do this?

Posted By: KingTomato

Re: need a little help - 16/04/03 11:56 PM

Honestly, if you plan on doing casual scripting, and not too large of a script either will work. If you need something with a speedy responce time, then hash tables are your best bet.

Having a seen script that you would like to search through hundreds (if not thousands) of nicknames looking for a date when they were last seen--definalty a hash table. If you want something that is going to store a very minimul amount of data, just use variables. grin
Posted By: laz

Re: need a little help - 17/04/03 08:12 AM

Well this is just me, but I only use variables in loops (local).

If you need to store something, use .ini files, more organized I think. Unless you want speedy results then use hash tables, although I don't know why you'd need that fast of results for a chat program.
Posted By: MonoSex

Re: need a little help - 17/04/03 11:01 AM

/help hash tables
/help groups
Posted By: kupotek

Re: need a little help - 17/04/03 04:13 PM

oki thanks all
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