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Posted By: symphony

WMPlayer.OCX - 02/08/08 01:27 AM

I know WMPlayer.OSX is a bada$$ object and I just can't seem to find a proper documentation on how to manipulate it through mIRC. Anyone ever have?
Basically, I am trying to make a Play/Pause/Stop/Next/Previous alias to manipulate windows media player.

Anyone ever played with it?
Posted By: argv0

Re: WMPlayer.OCX - 02/08/08 05:39 AM

You can't use it to manipulate an existing centralized player, you can only create a new instance from the way I've been able to use it, so that makes it kind of useless for play control.
Posted By: hixxy

Re: WMPlayer.OCX - 02/08/08 12:55 PM

I've used it a lot and this is indeed the case. There's no way to load the settings/playlists/etc from WMP either unless you manually create all of the playlists and add the files yourself.

And it's slow as molasses compared to /splay and other built in commands.


Sparkle, if you still want to take a look knowing the above, the official documentation is here - http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb249259(VS.85).aspx - but it will require some prior $com knowledge otherwise you won't know what is meant by the terms used, like "object", "method", "property", etc.
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