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scon question

Posted By: Synister

scon question - 19/12/02 04:36 PM

Ok i want to be able to have my mp3 random player play to certain chans on diff networks.. I tried
/scon -at1 mag #chan1,#chan2 MESSAGE
but then i get errors from each network cause im not in same room name on bot networks..
Is there a way to do this w/o the errors?
Posted By: Online

Re: scon question - 19/12/02 05:07 PM

okay, this:

$replace($chan(#chan1) $chan(#chan2),$chr(32),$chr(44))

will output list of active channels separated by comma, ready for the /msg command.

your command can then be:

/scon -at1 if (
$replace($chan(#chan1) $chan(#chan2),$chr(32),$chr(44))) msg $ifmatch <message>

I hope it's clear enough, anyway.
Posted By: Synister

Re: scon question - 19/12/02 05:24 PM

this is my script part

/scon -at1 msg %m.ptype Random MP3Player Online

%m.ptype being the varible for the channels to msg

guess i shoulda put a copy of the remote b4 hand
Posted By: Online

Re: scon question - 19/12/02 05:37 PM

I see... maybe a loop is required here then.

'domsg' will be the custom msg alias.

alias domsg {
  var %i = $numtok(%m.ptype,32)
  while %i &gt; 0 {
    var %chan = $gettok(%m.ptype,%i,32)
    if ($me ison %chan) { msg %chan $1- }
    dec %i
and use: /scon -at1 domsg MP3 Player online
Posted By: R1pl3y

Re: scon question - 22/12/02 08:24 AM

/scid -a msg %m.ptype Random MP3Player Online

This command /scid -a msg will msg the channel(s) you specify [color:green] (in this case you are using %m.ptype) on all networks you are connected to.
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