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Posted By: Deep3D

Highlight - 19/06/08 05:15 PM

I use this script toghether with highlights to get the nick to get another colour.

I dont want the whole line to get coloured, just the nick.

(Jun 19 19:14:30) <Deep3D> test

 on ^*:text:*:#: {
  if ($me isin $1-) { echo -lt $chan < $+ 5 $+ $nick $+  $+ > $1- | haltdef }
  if ($ip isin $1-) { echo -lt $chan < $+ 5 $+ $nick $+  $+ > $1- | haltdef }
  else return

Like in the photo:
If i use match on: message it works.
But if i use match on: nickname it dosent.

But it has allways worked before, so I dont get this at all.
Posted By: argv0

Re: Highlight - 19/06/08 09:41 PM

what does "doesn't work" mean in this case?

I'm not quite sure why you need the highlight if you're already doing the nick colouring via script. highlight is *only* meant to highlight *the whole line*, not just a part of it-- so if you don't want the whole line to highlight, don't use alt-b -> highlight.
Posted By: Deep3D

Re: Highlight - 20/06/08 06:27 AM

I was in a hurry when i wrote this.. well:

When a line (nick) is highlighted usualy the channel blinks with a colour, and tray icon also blinks.. but it dosent anymore.
Posted By: Deep3D

Re: Highlight - 20/06/08 02:15 PM

If someone writes my nick I need the tray icon and channel button to begin flashing until I click on it. Sorry I wrote the other posts so stupid. smile
Posted By: Deep3D

Re: Highlight - 22/06/08 04:29 AM

Can anyone tell me why highlight flash dont work here?

Like in the photo, when nickname is used it wount flash. But when message is used it flashes.

It worked with nickname before.

Posted By: Tomao

Re: Highlight - 22/06/08 05:18 AM

I don't see why you need the script to color your nickname when you can do it via nick colors. Why not add Deep3D under "Nick or Address(nick!user@host):" You can just put your nickname as Deep3D the way it is in the box, check it, without !user@host, and then select a color of your choice to achieve the same result of what you've shown at your first post.

As for your saying about highlight, and if the nickname doesn't flash anymore like you claim, you can just use Nick Color feature along with the highlight one matching message to get it flashing.
Posted By: Deep3D

Re: Highlight - 23/06/08 05:51 AM

When I use the script above the output is:
[10:00] <Queen> Hi Deep3D

if I use the other that you say, the output is:
[10:00] <Queen> Hi Deep3D

The first one is the nices one.

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