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Posted By: AWEstun

Bot Guard - 10/05/08 05:25 AM

Anyone have any ideas for a bot guard? For those that don't know what a bot guard is, it asks the person that's trying to pvt you a question first and they have to give the correct answer to get through to you.
Posted By: Mpot

Re: Bot Guard - 10/05/08 01:12 PM

The easiest way would be to use an access list.

on *:text:*:?:{
  if ($level($address($nick,2)) < 5) { msg $nick You're not authorized to message me. | /closemsg $nick | /echo -a  $nick tried to message you.  }

menu nicklist {
  $iif($level($address($$1,2)) >= 5,Remove Message Access):{ /ruser 5 $address($$1,2) | /echo -a Removed $$1 from message access. }
  $iif($level($address($$1,2)) < 5,Add Message Access):{ /auser 5 $address($$1,2) | /echo -a Added $$1 to message access. }
Posted By: AWEstun

Re: Bot Guard - 11/05/08 06:52 AM

The only thing is, I'd like my scrip to ask the person trying to pvt me, a question and if they answer it right, then they can chat with me.
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