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Files with no ext.

Posted By: kingtut

Files with no ext. - 27/04/08 05:46 AM

How do I get a file like ozzy & drix that has no file ext. get ozzy & drix come back invalid even if thats how it's list in the dir. Thanks
Posted By: Lpfix5

Re: Files with no ext. - 27/04/08 06:13 AM

Is the dir local?

A) What kind of EXT should it be MP3/TXT etc...?

B) How are you getting the file?
Posted By: kingtut

Re: Files with no ext. - 27/04/08 06:33 AM

The file is found in toptr00 from 80's cartoon. I would think thats it's a number of eps of the series. Vidoes but I tried all video ext mpg, avi, ect. But it is just listed in the dir as ozzy & drix. I no trouble with getting file from TopTr00 dir that had a file ext list. But most didn't have exts. I found that to be ture in most dir from different channels in 80's cartoons.
Posted By: RusselB

Re: Files with no ext. - 27/04/08 07:57 AM

If this is a video file, I suggest using Microsoft's Windows Media Player to open the file. Since you don't have an extension, WMP will give you a warning that the file content type doesn't match the file extension, and will then ask you if you want to open the file. If you say yes, WMP will attempt to open the file using a set of generic decoders. If WMP still can not open the file, you'll get another prompt asking if you want to check the internet for the proper en/decoders. This will in-turn do a sophisticated search for the proper file type based on the actual file content, not the file extension.

Finally, this is not a mIRC problem, and really shouldn't have been posted in this forum.
Posted By: kingtut

Re: Files with no ext. - 27/04/08 08:35 AM

This is mirc let me try again. I have mirc 6.31 I log on. I type in !list. I find the trigger I want and type it in. I'm connected to a channel. I type the command dir. I get a list of the file the people have to share. I type the command get with the file and the ext. mirc downloads it no problem. But there are also lots of file listed for dowmload that don't have a file ext listed. If you type the command get and the file name it doesn't work with out a file ext. How could I check a file I haven't been able to download yet. Have you ever download video files with mirc 6.31 before. Thanks
Posted By: RusselB

Re: Files with no ext. - 27/04/08 09:43 AM

No I haven't because mIRC is meant for chatting, not file sharing, in fact there is this sticky about that.

Further, if the person offering the files doesn't have extensions on them, I'd be very wary about getting them.

The only valid use of a filename without an extension, that I can think of, is that it's not actually a file, but rather a directory or sub-directory name. Usually these do not have extensions, and is, generally speaking, a method of determining the difference between a filename and a directory name.
Posted By: Riamus2

Re: Files with no ext. - 27/04/08 12:09 PM

All you can really do is ask the person who has it. Again, however, mIRC's meant for chatting.
Posted By: RoCk

Re: Files with no ext. - 27/04/08 02:33 PM

Have you considered it actually being a directory and not a file? Try cd ozzy & drix and then dir again.

~ Edit ~
Btw, it's a file server (DCC), not a channel.

Posted By: Brax

Re: Files with no ext. - 27/04/08 08:19 PM

(General Reply)

If we leave aside the discussion whether mIRC is or is not a filesharing program the question still stays.

How mIRC actually handles files?

For example $isfile(C:\song) returns $true
but /splay [-p] C:\song returns unable to play 'C:\song'
(C:\song is renamed C:\song.mp3)
PS. just for records the song plays just fine if it has extension so dont blame the broken soundfile blush

I haven't messed around with it that much to tell whether some other functions fail as well with files without extensions.
$read and /play seem to work but /splay was no-go for me at least.
Posted By: Riamus2

Re: Files with no ext. - 28/04/08 01:12 AM

This was discussed awhile back as well, Brax. Before continuing to read this, keep in mind that I'm writing this from memory and it may not be entirely correct. I'll leave it to argv0 or others to correct any errors. wink Basically, mIRC uses the extension to choose what codec to play the sound file with. Unlike regular media players that will try the codec that matches the extension first, then proceed to try others (or just read the file's header information if there is any), mIRC only uses the extension. I believe this has been suggested before as a feature/improvement to have mIRC work like WMP and other media players. For now, you really need the right extension or you'll probably have trouble playing the file.
Posted By: RoCk

Re: Files with no ext. - 28/04/08 03:50 AM

Why is playing the file even part of the discussion? Unless I really missed something (and I've read over it yet again to make sure), the OP is saying they're having a problem downloading the file from a file server.
Posted By: argv0

Re: Files with no ext. - 28/04/08 05:10 AM

Yep the OP is having trouble getting a file from some filesharing fserve on irc, from what I read. Unfortunately there's little we can do in supporting that persons fserve, you'll have to speak with them if you have any problems. We don't condone the violation of any copyright laws through filesharing on IRC, so I for one can't offer much assistance.
Posted By: Brax

Re: Files with no ext. - 28/04/08 05:28 AM

Yes OP had trouble downloading the file without extension.
I just took the "freedom" to broaden the topic a bit.

Riamus thanks for that explanation. I admit I didnt do my homework by searcing the forum before posing. blush
I just assumed that /splay will use "right" codec if i specify one of -wmp switches. And thus thought it can't play the sound due the missing file-extension (ie. cant access the file)
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