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Posted By: Lackey

Edgepro - 19/12/02 06:28 AM

Was wondering if anyone hear has heard of it. Very good script that a bunch of us use. But it's not 6.03 compliant because of the use of $isid inside of $iif statements ie.
var %retval = $iif($prop == static || !$isid, $ep.array.store($1), $1)  

Has anyone heard of this and/or know how to fix the problem? I would appreciate it soooo much!
Posted By: theRat

Re: Edgepro - 19/12/02 11:33 AM

%isid = $isid
var %retval = $iif($prop == static || !%isid, $ep.array.store($1), $1)
Posted By: Lackey

Re: Edgepro - 19/12/02 04:54 PM

I tried replacing all of the $isid with %isid. It opens, but one error message just keeps going and going and going. Something like
/happ unsufficient paramters

Anyone else know how to fix it?
Posted By: Hammer

Re: Edgepro - 20/12/02 12:40 AM

var %retval = $iif($prop == static || !$isid, $ep.array.store($1), $1)

Try troubleshooting to find out exactly which part of that $iif() is causing the problem. It's not $isid itself.

  var %retval
  if ($prop == static) {
    echo 4 -esti2 * Static property used
    %retval = $ep.array.store($1)
  elseif ($isid) {
    echo 4 -esti2 * Called as an $identifier
    %retval = $ep.array.store($1)
  else {
    echo 4 -esti2 * not ().static and not $identifier; using $1
    %retval = $1

This will at least tell you exactly what it's doing. Without decoding the entire script (which I am not willing to do), it's either a debugging approach like this or contacting the author for an updated version of the script.
Posted By: Shawn

Re: Edgepro - 21/12/02 01:59 PM

The problem is this, prior to 6.03 that line of code would properly recognize if it was called like /this or like $this
In 6.03, $isid always returns true now, presumably because it's getting called inside $iif
Like theRat suggested, you'll have to find every instance of $isid inside $iif, and put var %isid = $isid before it, and change $isid to %isid

Being the maker of edgepro :tongue: if anyone would wonder why the "scripter has been too lazy", I run a gaming network and an mIRC script isn't exactly priority :tongue:
My opinion is, unless you're a scripter, 6.03 doesn't offer all that much more from 6.02.
Posted By: Shawn

Re: Edgepro - 21/12/02 02:03 PM

Aliases - functions.epa
Line 1288
Line 1304
Line 1317

They might not take you to the exact line, I may have added/removed things from mine over the past year, but they'll take you to the area where there's an $iif with $isid
I guess I'll put this info on the site, as for a new version, maybe next year or something.

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