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Posted By: krunch

sounds - 19/12/02 03:33 AM

might have posted this in the wrong section, but when playing a sound through mIRC using $splay() its tinny and has a strange base, use winamp or any other media play and its fine has anyone had this prob b4 ?
Posted By: Watchdog

Re: sounds - 20/12/02 11:23 AM

I have had a problem like this but it's not a mIRC problem, probably the quality of the file to being with as I have had them sound tinny in Media Player, which mIRC (as I understand) uses to play sounds.

I've never had it become peculiar to mIRC alone though and it hasn't happened much.
Posted By: Cheech

Re: sounds - 21/12/02 03:04 AM

splay uses the default sound setting to your operating system the quality of this will be poor alot of times you would do best to use the winamp instead of the splay feature i use winamp in my mp3 player you can do so like this
.Play:/set %song1 $sfile($mp3dir,%playlist,Play!) | /run -n %song1
where as %playlist is simply the name of the window which comes up for the files eg. /set %playlist krunch's sounds
hope that helps ..
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