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Quick Question!

Posted By: gomp

Quick Question! - 09/11/07 07:04 PM

I wish a timer I set, to be random, what do I do?

Like; $iif($opnick == Gomp,.timer 1 random /mode #spiritual -o Gomp)

And if you are one of those who come here to say I could use the /help, then please know that I tested that! smile ..tell me how to find it, using the /help in stead, I might learn something..

"The worst teachers, are the ones who know too much!" wink ..relative the the one they are "trying" to help!
Posted By: starbucks_mafia

Re: Quick Question! - 09/11/07 07:16 PM

Use $rand(minimum, maximum)

For example:
$iif($opnick == Gomp,.timer 1 $rand(1,10) /mode #spiritual -o Gomp)

Would randomly set the timer to trigger between 1 and 10 seconds.
Posted By: gomp

Re: Quick Question! - 09/11/07 07:17 PM

Thanks! That is all I need! smile

But, just cause I am curius, is there any way to just make it random?

I like to learn! wink
Posted By: Lpfix5

Re: Quick Question! - 09/11/07 07:18 PM

$iif($opnick == Gomp,.timer 1 $rand(1,300) /mode #spiritual -o Gomp)

will give you a random number from 1 second to 5 minutes

LOL: you beat me!

Anyhoo Yes, you can make it random with the $rand() command.

$rand(nth,nth) from,to
Posted By: gomp

Re: Quick Question! - 09/11/07 07:21 PM

Thanks though! smile

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