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file path

Posted By: pouncer

file path - 09/10/07 07:08 PM

alias userfile return system\userlist.ini

works perfectly fine, but whats the stuff about using "" in filepaths?
Posted By: RoCk

Re: file path - 09/10/07 07:16 PM

In case of spaces in the path, it (the path) would need to be quoted.

~ Edit ~

Quotes are usually needed when using commands dealing with paths and/or file names with spaces .. /run /splay /play /write /writeini etc.
Posted By: sparta

Re: file path - 09/10/07 07:30 PM

you can use " $+ path $+ " or you can use $qt(path) . just wanted to point that out wink
Posted By: hixxy

Re: file path - 09/10/07 08:38 PM

Actually things like /run and /splay that take the last parameter as a filename don't need quotes. Quotes are only needed to surround filepaths that are somewhere in the middle of the expected parameters, eg. /write and /writeini. When it's the last parameter there's no ambiguity about where the filename ends so they're not needed.
Posted By: RoCk

Re: file path - 09/10/07 08:43 PM

True, I was just thinking of any commands that need a file, should've thought of that.
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