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Filter outgoing text

Posted By: trink

Filter outgoing text - 02/08/07 04:50 AM

Is there any way to filter outgoing text, via remote or alias script? Such as when I say something, it instead replaces something in that text with something, via $replace or such on and so forth.
Posted By: Riamus2

Re: Filter outgoing text - 02/08/07 05:17 AM

on *:input:*: {
  if ($1- == lol) { say Laughing Out Loud | halt }
  elseif (tommorow isin $1-) { say $replace($1-,tommorow,tomorrow) | halt }

That sort of thing would do what you want. You'd just want to adjust it to suit your needs. This could be set up in a wide variety of ways depending on what you're doing and how many changes you plan to have (few work fine in if/elseif format, many might work better in a hash table).
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