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Auto voice, when devoiced..

Posted By: gomp

Auto voice, when devoiced.. - 22/07/07 04:44 PM

I got this:

on *:-v:#PANGAEA:{
$iif($nick == Gomp,.v+)

I also got an alias (v+) that sends a command to X on UnderNet..

Anyone know what I mean?

To compare:

This is one script working..

on *:op:#2012:{
$iif($opnick == Gomp,.mode $chan +v gomp)
$iif($opnick == Gomp,.timer 1 5 /mode $chan -o gomp)

I tried to make on from that.. frown
Posted By: SladeKraven

Re: Auto voice, when devoiced.. - 22/07/07 04:50 PM

on @*:Devoice:#PANGAEA: {
  if ($istok(Gomp,$nick,32)) mode $chan -v $vnick

You can add multiple nicks by editting $istok(Gomp,$nick,32))

$istok(Gomp Gomp2 Gomp3 Khaled SladeKraven,$nick,32))

This would only trigger on nicknames Gomp Gomp Gomp2 Gomp3 Khaled and SladeKraven.
Posted By: gomp

Re: Auto voice, when devoiced.. - 22/07/07 04:59 PM


I made it like so:

on *:Devoice:#PANGAEA:{
$iif($vnick == Gomp,.msg x voice #PANGAEA Gomp)

It works now!

And thank you so much for telling me how that works, I bet I will have use for it later on!

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