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Posted By: Deele Reaload mirc.ini - 20/07/07 04:48 PM
I know that there is possibility to reload any other ini files than mirc.ini. But is there any possibility to do that, without restarting a mirc?
That, what I want to do, is to change one value in mirc.ini using script, but when I change that value, I need to tell mirc.exe to reaload all settings from ini file.
What can you suggest?
Posted By: RoCk Re: Reaload mirc.ini - 20/07/07 05:05 PM
I suggest you suggest it, although I'm sure it has been at some point(s) in time. I'd support it.
Posted By: NightChillz Re: Reaload mirc.ini - 21/07/07 12:27 AM
most of the settings in the mirc.ini file can be changed remotely anyway, without having to edit the ini file... what are you trying to change?
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